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The interest in artificial neural nets considerably increased in recent years. Internet contains a lot of materials about neural nets. They are various FAQs, books' ads, articles, etc. For example, FAQ of comp.ai.neural-nets newsgroup resides on ftp://ftp.sas.com/pub/neural/FAQ.html

Unfortunately most information sources on neural nets lacks know-how on programming neural nets (NN) models.

The PC Noon's materials consists of a few articles (in russian) on the basic theory of artificial neural nets and their implementation.

Some articles (2, 3, and 4) contains C++ source codes for several NN models realized in class libraries. The programs have been compiled by Borland C++ 3.1. Windows-based application for NN modelling, named Synax, has been written on the basis of these libraries. This is alfa-version.

The last two articles on the fast neural networks with kernel organization are kindly granted for PC Noon by Alexander Dorogov (dorv@lens.spb.ru). He also offers the ActiveX-element for neural nets modelling.

Some NN-related links and software packages are exposed here as well.


All articles made up as MS Word 6.0 documents archived by ZIP. Listings are presented in appendixes.
Neural Nets: the basics
The basics of the neural nets theory described.
Neural Nets: backpropagation algorithm
Algorithm of supervised learning considered, C++ class library for backpropagation implementation described.
Neural Nets: unsupervised learning
Kohonen's neural nets described. C++ class library presented.
Hopfield and Hamming Neural Nets
Learning algorithms by Hopfield and Hamming considered. C++ class library for Hamming net presented.
The structured models and topological design of the fast neural networks with kernel organization
The structured and topological models of the multilayered fast neural networks are considered in this A.Dorogov's article. The algorithm for designing of the fast neural networks topology suggested.
Neuro Office - the toolset for intellectual software designing
A brief description for each program from Neuro Office software package is given.


End-user software and ActiveX-elements for the kernel neural networks designing
The Neuro Office software (Alpha-System company, dorv@lens.spb.ru) includes instruments for the kernel neural networks generation, modelling and learning. Also it utilizes the former NeuroService package with 3 ActiveX elements for neural nets modelling. They are kernel NN ActiveX, spreadsheet ActiveX (for preparing data) and progress-indicator ActiveX (for visualization of NN functioning). ActiveX-element can be used in the most COM-enabled programs (Microsoft Office, Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual Basic).
The following distribution kits are available for downloading:

Neurosimulator NeuroPro 0.25
This freeware program has been developed by Victor Tsaregorodsev (tsar@cc.krascience.rssi.ru). The brief description of the program in russian is here. The distribution kit contains MS Word 6.0 document with a survey of implemented techologies.
The following distribution kits are available for downloading, NeuroPro 0.25, russian edition (2.2M):

Neurosimulator NeuroInterator
Demo-version. This is a product of Igor Vinocourov (Moscow State Technical University, Kaluga branch, department of computer systems and networks), stoik@kaluga.ru.

The destination of the program is a research of neural nets, though it can be used for classification and prediction. The review of the program is shipped within the distribution kit and also can be downloaded as a separate file (RTF-document in ZIP, 9K).

Software for data analysis by means of neural networks
Several wellknown software programs, available for downloading as demo versions at the RBC site; among other things you'll find:

  • Neuro Builder
  • NeuroShell
  • NeuroWindows


Links to russian resources on Neural Nets


The neural networks site list is moved to a new address. Please, visit www.neuralnetworks.ultranet.ru. From now on all updates will be made on the new list, where visitors may vote for listed sites. The current page will show only top sites from the list according to their online rating.

The new rating is currently under beta-testing.

***** Neural Bench
The best russian site on theory and practice of neural nets modelling.
Unfortunately, the site may be inaccessible time to time. In such a case, please, visit russian mirror of the textbook on www.91.ru:

There is another mirror on the OASIS server.

***** StatSoft Russia
Russian branch of american company StatSoft, specializing on software for data analysis. In addition to other things there is a comprehensive survey of statistics on the site, including a chapter about neural nets, though the rest of materials is also NN-related.

***** BaseGroup - database laboratory
The site is dedicated to the intelligent facilities for data analysis and prediction. Ever expanding variety of pages on neural networks are complemented by numerous software packages. There are several popular scientific issues on neural nets. A forum related to neural networks are functioning on the site at: http://forum.basegroup.ru

***** Neural net school
The Konstantin Choumitchkin's site is dedicated to education and knowledge exchange in the branch of neural nets. The site contains full texts of scientific books and articles. There is a very usefull collection of links.

***** News from the Russian market of neural network process engineerings
Very promising site where one can find many interesting materials.

***** Mirkes E.M. Neuroinformatics
The course that has been held in Krasnoyarsky State University of Technics.

***** NN and AI
Home "page" (actually, much more than just a home page) of A. Archipenko. Large collection of theoretical papers and links. Programs and source codes.

***** NeuroProject company
Some commercial software packages based on neural nets technologies and genetic algorithms. Introduction to NN theory and several examples, which demostrate the abilities of NN technology.

***** NeuroPower (in Russian)
New project by Alexander Kuck. It includes, not limited to, the AI archive with source codes and programs, as well as other materials (books, articles).

***** Neural Network Markup Language
XML DTD for NN description. Authors: Denis Roubtsov (rubtsov@rbcmail.ru), Sergei Boutackov, Altai Technical State University.

***** Corporative site of the NeurOK company
Original neural-based software is described (demo-verions are available). There are several issues by Sergey Shoumsky et al. (in fact, this is a part of the book A.Ezhov, S.Shoumsky, "Neurocomputing: applications for bussines and economics".)

***** Viktor Tsaregorodsev's personal site recommended
Custom analytical and decision support software development.

***** Computer Club
Algorithms, documentation, issues, books, source codes, and libraries, including those on neural networks. See section Library | Mathematics | Artificial intelligence. Concerning technical design this is the best site among mentioned here.

***** Russian association of artificial intelligence
The site of Kaluga's regional branch. A set of articles, including "The personal intelligence" and "Neurosimulation" - a survey of software for neural nets modelling.

***** Neural networks
A textbook on the course "Neural networks" (PDF-file) of the electronics department of Voronezh State University.

***** Eidolon
Home page of Dmitry Shouklin. Natural and artificial intelligence. Publications on text perception systems based on semanic neural nets, and bioadaptive control.

***** "AI.Obrazec"
Articles, links, forum on AI, especially about programming.

***** The site alife-soft
Articles, links, software with relation to NN.

***** Home page of Artiom Doushkin
Collection of articles on AI and NN and archive of subscription list postings.

***** Neural networks and genetic algorithms
The Information Technologies Site presents a lot of interesting articles, including theoretical materials from scientific conferences: soft calculations (SCM), intellectual systems and control technologies (Pskov, 2000). The neural networks sections have been held on both SCM'1999 and SCM'2000.

***** Neural Networks
Oleg Kourtsev's page on the theory and programming of neural nets. The program NeurEx for NN modelling and class library NeuroLib (implemented on MS VC++ with MFC) are available for downloading. Questions covered are error backpropagation network, stochastic network with Cauchi machine, time series prediction, etc.

***** Analytical project "Articial intelligence"
Mathematics and software (neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic) are exposed at ukrainian site.

***** Theory and practice of neural nets
Maksim Nazarenko's lectures (Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna).

***** Artificial Intelligence
Articles, software, links.

***** Neural networks. Introductry course.
The site presented by Andrey Mishenin contains materials on perceptrons, backpropagation and counterpropagation algorithms, as well as a large collection of links. There is a mirror.

***** Neural networks textbook
The site of Ural State Techical University. The main neural network paradigms and learning algorithms comparison.

***** Reviews of books and articles on psychic phenomena
Vast collection of proceedinds addressed to natural and artificial neural networks, AI. Also the point of view: Intellectual neurocomputer through personality machinery.

***** Neural networks technologies and their applications
Proceedings of the international scientific conferece, 4-5 december 2002, Kramatorsk. Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, Donbass State Academy of Machine building.

  • Methodology of neural networks modelling
  • Applications of neural networks
    • for machine building
    • for diagnostics and robotics
    • for economy
    • for medicine

***** Computer Science and Information Technologies in Quality Management
The group of scientists from Zaporozhye National Technical University considers neural networks, pattern recognition, and other branches, and issues the Radioelectronics. Informatics. Management journal.

***** Homepage of Sergei Sotnik
The page is dedicated to: Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Genetic Algoritms, programming.

***** Intelligent computation
Neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, data mining.

***** The course in Artificial Neural Networks
Singlelayer and multilayer NN, software developed on C and Java.

***** Neural networks proceedings
Articles and books, classified by applied areas.

***** Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms Research and Development Group
The page, created by K. V. Makhotilo (the member of the group), presents various materials, such as:

  • Electronic version of the book "Genetic Algorihms, Artificial Neural Networks, and virtual reality problems", G. K. Voronovsky, K. V. Makhotilo, S. N. Petrashev, S. A. Sergeev, 1997;
  • Dissertation "Development of methodology of evolutionary synthesis of neural network control systems";
  • Freeware for global optimization tasks Mendel 3.4D.

***** Personal site of Leonid Zhoukov
Proceedings of All-Russian seminars on neuroinformatics NEU-2003 and NEU-2002.

***** Lumox
Paradigms of neural networks, links and articales.

***** Home page of Nickolay Paklin
Mathematical methods of artificial intelligence. Teaching neural networks to implement genetic algorithms.

***** Russian Neural Networks Society
Information about the administration and monthly seminars. Proceedings of the scientific conference Neuroinformatics-2004.

***** Russian Research Institute of Artificial Intelligence
Common descriptions of the technologies and projects, the list of scientific works.

***** Neural networks
The page of Viacheslav Borisov.

***** AI community
Articles, discussions, software for AI and NN. A lot of links. Forum.

***** www.essenceweb.com
This site is devoted to the artificial intelligence technologies in Internet and the project of the Global Intelligence, contains computer program Essence 1.0 written in Java, the links to other internet resourses about artificial intelligence.

***** NN Subsystem
Documents on neural networks in russian (located on the server OASIS - Open Architecture Server for Information Search). Data clasterization. Additional information in other languages also available.

***** Neural networks in knowledge crystallizing
A fair page of Vitaly Schetinin (Penzensky State University, tmt@diamond.stup.ac.ru) with issues on using self-organizing Boolean NNs for knowledge clarification.

***** Neural networks in detection of anomalous activity in computer networks
Very interesting practical issue by James Cannady. Translated into Russian by A.V. Lookatsky, Y.Y. Tsaplev, V.P. Sakharov.

***** Neural networks and applications (in Russian)
Sergey Tereknov's page, MSc in physical mathematics, the chief of Artificial Neural Networks laboratory, RSRISP (VNIITF), Snezhinsk. Textbooks, issues, ANN laboratory, the Nimfa (Neural Informatics Methods For Applications) software. Some pages are under construction or missing, though the site is goodlooking enough.

***** Forecasting by neural networks
The tutorial on the remote education server, anriintern.

***** AI online
Logical methods, neural networks, genetic algorithms, source codes, forum.

***** Artificial Neural Nets Laboratory
The interesting site with theses of proceeding and addresses of russian NN scientists.

***** Application of neurocomputing systems
The collection of articles on theory and case study of NN. The author is Masitch G.F. (MSc), the head of the telecommunications and information systems laboratory of the Solid Environments Institute (Urals branch of Russian Science Academy).

***** Intellectual quasibiological system
Emelianov-Yaroslavky's book, which have to be read by anyone who is not confined with standard neural paradigms.

***** NeuroServer ChgNet (Chernogolovsky Scientific Centre)
The NeuroServer will provide Web-users with a unified neural network with remote control, operational on the distributed cluster of the Landau Institute of theoretical physics.

***** Artificial mind
All about artificial intelligence. The page of Roman Kvasnoy.

***** Institute of Artificial Intelligence (Ukraine)
Variety of materials.

***** Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence
Book announcements, articles, seminars and conferences, projects.

***** Neurocomputing: history, situation, perspectives
The article of Robert Hecht-Nielsen, "Open systems" journal, N4, 1998.

***** "Open systems" journal, N4, 1997
A several issues on neural nets.

***** Recognition of handprinted characters with artificial neural networks
An issue of A.V.Misiurev describes the ANN approach, exploited in the CuneiForm recognition software.

***** The search engine, based on neural networks
The graduate paper.

***** Introduction to neurophysiology and neurocybernetics
Alexander Komissarov's issues, KB MSTU.

***** Adaptive networks and systems
The page of Iuly Lankin, a member of Biophysics Institute RAS. In particular, the issues of scientific conferences organized by MIEP ("MIFI") are available on this page.

***** System theory of information and non-local interpretable neural networks of forward counting
An article by Loutsenko E.V., Kuban State Agrarian University.

The complete list of sites is available at www.neuralnetworks.ultranet.ru


Links to other lists of links
Programming of neural networks / AI
The dedicated page in Internet catalog. Links to russian and english resources.

Links to neuralware
Great deal of links to English and Russian sources on neural nets and genetic algorithms from the Rostov State University server.

The page with thematic catalog at OSP.


Forums - The places for discussion on Artificial Intelligence (in russian)


Latest updates
The neural networks site list is moved to www.neuralnetworks.ultranet.ru.
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