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The efficient way to learn foreign languages By Heart


Nowadays it is often necessary to learn a foreign language. There are a lot of reasons for this. They are, for example, a trip abroad, a lack of foreign language skills for bussines needs, a coming exam in school or university. For all such cases ByHeart will be a good companion for learning foreign languages.¶


What is it - ByHeart?

ByHeart is a program for learning words, phrases and other grammatical forms of a foreign language of your choice. ByHeart works with an easy customizable bidirectional dictionaries that may use any pair of languages installed within Windows. Several learning and examination modes allow you to simplify and intensify the learning process. Sounds and pictures can be attached to every item in a dictionary, making it easier to learn pronunciation and visual associations. It is possible to add a comment to every item in a dictionary and insert into it a hyper-links to other items. Using dictionary you can examine yourself or anybody else in a game-like manner. ByHeart enables you to create your own training courses or use a ready-made vocabularies, supplied with the distribution kit or obtained from other users.

Who needs ByHeart?

ByHeart is designed both for a self-teaching and a supervised learning. Teachers can intensify a learning process by means of ByHeart. It is important that ByHeart enables you to compose a linguistic courses of various complexity, ranging from a basic to an expert level.

How it looks like?

You can look at some screenshots that will give you a notion about ByHeart functionality and interface. To do that please visit the appropriate page (with frames) which has been designed in such a manner that the loading time is optimized.

ByHeart: your unexpendable companion for learning foreign languages

Why ByHeart?

Let us compare the training with ByHeart and taking a traditional language courses.


ByHeart will help You to enlarge a stock of common and specific words, learn an exceptions and well-known difficulties of languages, arrange original linguistic courses, including training of a pronunciation and associative memory. Studying the tenses, typical phrases, numerals or applied terms make only a small part of supposed ways how ByHeart can be used effectively.¶

  • at first, note that a language course and ByHeart do not exclude each other; ByHeart allows you to improve the efficiency of homework and take supplementary training.
  • moreover, it is often the case that a language course with desired particularity does not exist at all; and nobody but you knows what has to be learnt and how deep.
  • every language course has the begining and the end, but the knowledge of a language is essential (or may become necessary) anytime, even a year after the course; and this is ByHeart that will assist you anytime.
  • ByHeart does not allow a user to be lazy; it is assumed that you wish to learn languages and have the will to compose a training courses (of course, if you can not apply yourself to learning foreign language or do not have a great interest in it then this is not for you).
  • at last, the price; ByHeart is inexpensive and even may be free of charge.
Now let us compare ByHeart and other software for learning languages.
  • the most of such a programs have a built-in invariable training courses; so they are doomed to be quickly exhausted.
  • the other ones are facilities for preparing a linguistic courses, which are somewhat similar to ByHeart, but this is not a reason to use them - try ByHeart and perhaps it will turned out to be the best choice.
  • also ByHeart is a perspective, quickly advancing program, and registered users can participate in working out the future versions of ByHeart.

The main features of ByHeart are described on the download page.

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