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Library of Russian Internet Libraries

Writers' Collections

"+" stands for an official mirror of the library.
"*" - a new or revised item.
Robert Burns in Russian

A collection of several poems by Robert Burns (most of them translated into Russian by Samuel Marshak) with links to the original texts in English. It is also possible to load parallel texts in two columns for simultaneous viewing.

Anton Chekhov

Chekhov's plays: Three Sisters, Uncle Ivan, Seagull, Cherry Orchard. Page Editor: C. S. Kuhn,

Sasha Cherny

Poems. Book 1: Satires. Book 2: Satires and Lyrics. Book 3: Thirst. Book 4: Children's Island. (In KOI8r).

Virtual Library of Mikhail Epstein

A collection of works by M. Epstein and the discussion of relevant problems of philosophy, theory of culture and literature.

Mikhail Fedotov: incomplete collection of works

Stories about the life of a Jew in the USSR, Israel, and CIS.

Nikolai Gumilev

A representative digital collection of texts by Nikolai Gumilev.

Daniil Kharms

An extensive collection of works by Daniil Kharms with an introduction by Vladimir Glotser.

Omar Khayyam (in Russian)

This site has the biggest collection of Omar Khayyam's quatrains I've seen on the Internet.

V. Khlumov

Vladimir Khlumov`s page made by V. Lyapunov in the Moscow University local netvork. It contains quite a lot of books, text files are all right, but some HTML files wouldn`t work - parts of large texts refuse to load.

Writer Vladislav Krapivin

The site of the author who wrote many adventure novels and stories for teenager. A big enough collection of texts, bibliography, discussions with the readers.

Vladimir Nabokov

This site is devoted to Nabokov's literary heritage. Its library contains several short stories and poems.

Yuri Nikitin

The home page of the writer. Problems of slavic history and culture are discussed here. Its library offers 20 Nikitin's works in "HTML" format (historical and fantasy novels).

Marina Cvetayeva Poems. 1909-1941

The biggest, perhaps, collection of Cvetayeva's poems with some fresh links to Cvetayeva resources.

Marina Tsvetayeva

More then 100 poems by Marina Tsvetayeva in "HTML" format.

The World of Marina Tsvetayeva

The name of this site speaks for it self, but only 20 % of the promised material is active.

The Public Library of Vladimir Vysotsky

The largest, perhaps, collection of songs and poems by Vladimir Vysotsky.

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